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Twisted Tap Sugar Owners

Maple Syrup with a Twist

Welcome to

Twisted Tap Sugar Shack

Our family has been handcrafting all-natural, small-batch maple syrup for over 75 years.  The passion continues with two teenage brothers who are putting their own twist on the family tradition.


What We Make

Our family has been making maple syrup for over 75 years. Using time-tested techniques, we're putting our own twist on the industry by blending pure maple syrup with black walnut and birch syrup to create a truly unique taste experience!

Twisted Maple
Walnut Blend

A nutty blend of black walnut and maple syrup.

Traditional Maple Syrup

The sweet taste you know and love.

Maple Syrup


A delicious all-natural


Maple Syrups

Holiday flavors

and more.

A Taste of Twisted Tap Sugar Shack

Our mission is to provide high-quality, all-natural syrup for your table through sustainable and God-glorifying business practices. We’ve worked hard to perfect our harvesting and sugar shack production process, and we look forward to putting our own twist on our family’s maple syrup tradition.

How to do Maple Syrup

How Our Syrup Is Made

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