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Twisted Lavender London Fog Latte

Updated: Feb 28

What’s better than a warm and cozy latte on a rainy day? Introducing our Lavender London Fog Latte, the perfect companion for a dreary day.

Our Lavender London Fog Latte is a delightful blend of earl grey tea, creamy steamed milk, and a touch of Twisted Tap Lavender Infused Maple Syrup. The aromatic lavender adds a subtle floral note to the classic London Fog, creating a unique and delicious flavor profile. Sip on this smooth and velvety latte, and let its comforting warmth ease you into relaxation. Embrace the cozy vibes and let this aromatic delight be your winter remedy.

Cheers to a cupful of warmth and cozy daydreams!

Lavender London Fog Latte in purple glass mug
Twisted Lavender London Fog Latte

Twisted Lavender London Fog Latte

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